Liar's Lantern

Liar's Lantern is a music recording project based out of Oak Creek, Colorado. We create original music recordings and strive to make albums in an age of the single release.



Written and recorded between January and June of 2016, and released in July of 2016

  • Metemspychosis I - This Bottle of Wine
  • Metemspychosis II - Water Into Wine
  • Anamnesis I - Old Grey Moon
  • Anamnesis II - Prometheus Heart
  • Fugue State I - Hypnagogia
  • Fugue State II - Draumr
  • Fugue State III - Hypnopompia
  • Hekate I - Rational Fear of Drowning Slowly
  • Hekate II - Soft Green Eyes
  • Recrudecense I - Alameda Junction
  • Recrudecense II - Secrets of Things Let Go

  • Walk This Road With Me

    Written and recorded between September of 2016 and February of 2017, and released in March of 2017

  • Mariner's Curse
  • The World Forgets, But We Don't
  • Lucidity
  • Autumn Mountain
  • What Is Better
  • Aokigahara (Three Apologies)
  • You And I

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    Written and recorded between March of 2017 and September of 2017, and released in October of 2017

  • Red October I
  • Fisher's Hill
  • Little North Mountain
  • Saille I
  • Aisling Alainn
  • Saille II
  • Red October II
  • Cheathru Rua
  • Cedar Creek
  • Saille III
  • Annie's Song

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    A concept album about romantic relationships, co-written by Daniel Shelton and Robert Fitzhugh, composed in a variety of musical styles. DETAILS

    Walk This Road With Me

    This album was a collaboration with Zach Beerger, talented singer/songwriter. He wrote four of the songs and Robert Fitzhugh wrote the other three. A combination of folk/pop/rock music with instrumentals. DETAILS


    Portrayal of the burning of the Shenandoah Valley. DETAILS

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    Mixing Services

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    Liar's Lantern Crew:

    • Robert Fitzhugh - Head Honcho
    • Zach Beerger - All Around Cool Dude
      Zach's Soundcloud
    • Daniel Shelton - Improv Guy
    • Leah Hart - Clutch Vocalist
    • Lawrence (L.J.) Jaconetta - Ink and Food
      Turn Tabler/Chef/Entrepreneur
    • Cee Walsh - Design Mistress
      Graphic Designer
    • Graphx - Design Mister
      Graphic Designer
    • Dutch Dolan - Bad A## Artist
      Multi-media artist/ Ink-man

    PO Box 522
    Oak Creek, CO 80467